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The foundation of Money Bazar was laid down in the year 2004. We started our business as DMA in association with top 30 Bank and were involved in the marketing of loans only. Moreover, slowly and gradually, we expanded our business vertical and moved into Auto finance business with various prestigious banks. we have fulfilled the dreams of many people by providing them a variety of loans and mortgage services.

As a Finance we are established with the experience of many years and expertise in finance and finance related works.Our company is a growing financial services company in consumer lending, asset reconstruction and capital markets. We provide high level reliable lending and financial solutions to our customers. We developed a proprietary underwriting process that delivers low - cost loans to borrowers and low - risk access to consumer loan portfolios for accredited investors. We consumes a significant human component and interaction with borrowers to verify information and understand the requirement of loanby which they wish to accomplish to try to find that fits borrowers' specific needs.

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